musical influences reflected on the instruments

Son Jarocho is a genre of music that has been practiced for the past 200 years, originally found in the state and region of Veracruz, on the gulf coast of Mexico. The region by where this music comes from is named “el sotavento”, translated into “place of winds”.

Son Mudanza is a group of friends and activists that have come together sharing their passion for music, cultural autonomy, movement and community.

El Son Jarocho is a mixture of 4 influences Indigenous, African, Spanish, and Arabic, and within these influence come history in the forms of political, economical, and social expressions through dance, song, poetry, and music. This music historically has expressed the daily and societal struggles, celebrations, and popular accords.

You’ll see this influence in our instruments:

  • Jarana
  • Requinto
  • Leoncita
  • Cajon
  • Marimbol
  • Quijada
  • Tarima

Here is video of a performance last summer in Milwaukee. We will be introducing each one of the instruments in this blog!

Please post any questions or comments!


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