Son Jarocho Art & Jarana Exhibit at Los Angeles, California

This is a video of a Son Jarocho Art and Jaranas exhibit in Los Angeles, California. The exhibition took place at the  IMIX Bookstore last Fall 2009. It was organized by Fandango Sin Fronteras colective. The recognized Laudero Cesar Castro along with Xochi Flores coordinated the show and lauderos like Gilberto Gutierrez, Taco Utrera, Liche Oseguera and others, showed their Jarana work. Graphics, textiles and music were also an important part of the show. On the openning night, people enjoyed the performaces of  Son del Centro, L@s Cafeter@s, Pa’sumecha, Las No Que No, IMIX’s students and Telecenome. It is important to mention that Son Mudanza has its origins in the group Son Del Centro. Esmeralda and Jorge, who are the ones that began Son Mudanza here in Madison, were part of Son Del Centro in Santa Ana, California.

Este video es de una exhibición de Arte Jarocha en Los Angeles California. La exhibición se llevo a cabo en la librería IMIX de  septiembre a octubre 2009. Uno de los grupos que se presentaron en la inaguración del evento fue Son Del Centro. Esmeralda y Jorge quienes fundaron Son Mudanza aquí en Madison formaban parte de Son Del Centro. Son Del Centro es parte importante de los origenes de Son Mudanza.  El video está en español, que lo disfruten.


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