3 worlds 1 theme

3 worlds 1 theme

The symbolic action of self-expression is a vital force that when used appropriately can impact and even retransform societies. Hip-hop and Son Jarocho of Veracruz, Mexico are forms of expression that take action towards creating spaces of resistance against dominant trends. Often these forms of expression, like hip-hop and Son Jarocho are used to communicate consumerist cultural values to further stimulate an already established dominant system such as capitalism. Often within a capitalistic system, which needs creativity and ingenuity to prosper the music and forms of expression of common day folk end up serving as fuel to reproduce capital and establish a dominant ideology. Examples of such a co-optation can be seen on media sources like MTV or by recognized recording artist such as Lil Wayne, 50 cent, or Snoop Dog.

This video is a good example as to what happens when people who use cultural forms like Son Jarocho and hip-hop become aware of the social, economic, and ideological trickeries, threatening their cultural identity and social existence. Within this video we have 3 individuals who grew up in 3 very different parts of the U.S. all 3 people have different forms of cultural expression and all three people in this video use distinct languages to communicate and self –express themes very common to marginalized groups around our country and globally. All three individuals have combined to address concepts of identity, resistance, and culture; they speak of a common mother, a common ideology, and a common root stemming from Africa.

How is it that when mixed, hip-hop and Son Jarocho blend naturally, as if these forms arose from similar influences and historical beginnings? It is absolutely powerful to see the development of unity by forms whose current environmental and cultural context differ significantly, however they are brought together to express a single message of resistance and autonomy, hence the title of this light description 3 worlds 1 theme. All three individuals used specific modes of expression vital to their identities within their own environments. Dakota used rapping a lyrical style of expression in English within hip-hop, Simon used a combination of spoken word, rapping in Spanish, and trova (calling), and Jorge used singing in the poetic form of decima (ten-line poems) traditionally used within Veracruz, Mexico. All three forms completely out of their context combined together in solidarity and resistance to express an alternative perspective to dominance.

Please allow to view the following video, below recorded in Santa Ana, Ca. at El Centro Cultural de Mexico, a Mexican Cultural Center where a hip-hop community and a Son Jarocho community unite to improvise and share realities. Such rare encounters of collaborations tend to express via music a common theme important to many different groups.

3 worlds 1 theme

–        Jorge F. Rodriguez


One Response to “3 worlds 1 theme”

  1. Great Jorge!

    If the symbolic action of self-expression is a vital force that impacts and transforms societies, can’t it stand as a self-sufficient proposal rather than setting the dualistic stage of bi-polar resistance? It might be even more powerful as a stand-alone trend with a new proposal for society.

    I’d like to read an analysis of the song’s contents vis-à-vis your social, transformational goals and a reflection on its impacts and possible spreading.

    All best,

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